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Wet - Peter Samer
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Berçeuses tristes & autres monstres

Maxime holds a degree from the National Circus School in Montreal, where he trained as a well rounded circus artist who specializes in aerial acrobatics. He also grew up in the dance world, hence having strong choreographic skills and graceful movements. 



- 2019: - Wet, GOP Varieté, Hamburg, Germany

- 2018: - Wet, Ludwigs Festspielhaus, Füssen, Germany

              - MPU, Montréal, Canada

- 2017: - Wet, GOP Varieté, Bonn, Germany

              - Celebrity Cruises Production shows, Miami, US

- 2016: - Soap, Sziget Festival, Budapest, Hungary 

              - Wet, GOP Varieté, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

- 2015:  - The bird that stayed for winter, Peut-Être Theatre, Roundhouse, London, UK

               - Piaf (PAM GEM), Blackwinged creatives/PINGNG, Bridewell, London, UK

               - Circus nights, Aeronaut, London, UK

               - Piaf, PINGNG prod, Brighton, UK

               - Circus Maximus, Udderbelly, London, UK

- 2014: - Off night,  Chamäleon theatre, Berlin, Germany

              - Cirque de fou, Le Labo, Berlin, Germany

              - David Pereira's Trip, Wintergarten, Berlin, Germany

              - Grit: the Martyn Bennett story, Pachamama, dir. by Cora Bissett, Glasgow, Scotland

- 2013:  - Brodowy's Broadway, GOP Variété, Hannover, Germany

               - La Cour, Variétéspektakel, dir. by Urs Jäckle, Köthen, Germany

               - Variétéspektakel - Show Télévisé, dir. by Urs Jäckle, Cologne and Bonn, Germany

- 2012:  - Off Night, Chamäleon theatre, Berlin, Germany

               - New Years event, Katerholzig, Berlin, Germany

               - Private Gala, Cirque Starlight, Morges, Switzerland

               - Picadilly Circus Circus, London Festival, London, England

               - Aparté, Cirque Starlight, dir. by Stefan Hort (as artist and longeur), Switzerland

- 2011:    - Berçeuses tristes et autres monstres, research & creation workshop, Tony Chong, Montréal, Canada

- 2010:   - Les minutes complètement cirque, Montreal circus festival, dir. by Anthony Venisse,
                 Montréal, Canada 

                - Journal de bord, Annual National circus school show,  dir. by Guy Alloucherie,
                 Montréal, Canada
                - Clown show, fundraiser for the theatre Les Gros Becs, dir. by Yves Dagenais,
                Québec, Canada 

                - Animation for the world premier of Psy, 7 fingers of the hand, dir. by Gypsy Snider,
                Montréal, Canada

- 2009:   - Crime, Annual National circus school show, dir. by  Gypsy Snider, Montréal, Canada

                - Animation for the National circus school Foundation fundraiser, Montréal, Canada

                - Longueuil symphony orchestra project, dir. by Benjamin Hatcher, Longueuil, Canada

- 2008:   - Cirque Du Soleil golf tournament animation, dir. by Alain Francoeur, Montréal, Canada

                - Animation for the annual National circus school show, dir. by  Alain Francoeur, Montréal, 

- 2007:   - Animation for the annual National circus school show, dir. by   Johanne Madore, Montréal, 

-05-07:  - Animator for circus workshops, Co. Les Forains Abyssaux, Montréal, Canada

- 2006:   - Sergeant Pepper's Cabaret, Verdun circus school, dir. by Michel Legault, Montréal, Canada

- 2005:   - Annual Verdun circus school show, dir.by Michel Legault, Montréal, Canada

                 - Effervescence, Quebec circus school, dir. by Gerardo Sanchez and Johanne Pelletier, 
                 Québec, Canada

                 - International Tango festival of Montreal, dir. by Gerardo Sanchez, Montréal, Canada

- 2004:   - Blocage, Béatrice-Desloges theatre troupe, dir. by Julie Bellavance, Ottawa, Canada

-02-04:   - Annual dance shows, Carole Brouard dance school, various, Gatineau, Canada



- 2017:     - Teacher, aerials and tumbling, Ottawa Circus School, Ottawa, Canada

- 12-14:    - Teaching aerials and artistic research, Die Etage, Berlin, Germany

- 2012:     - Circus workshops for schools, Cirque Starlight, Switzerland

- 2011:     - Circus workshops, Cirque Éloize, Montréal, Canada

- 07-09:   - Circus summer camps and workshops, Forrains Abyssaux, Montréal, Canada

- 2006:    - Circus summer camps, Cirque de Verdun, Montréal, Canada 


- 2017:    - Allgäu-Kultur, Markus Röck, press review, Füssen, Germany:

"In the air: Maxime Yelle doesn't adhere to the laws of physics while on the trapeze. Maxime doesn't only show elegance on it, but also humor."

- 2015:    - Britishtheatre.com, Stephen Collins, London, U.K.:

"There is excellent work too from Maxime Yelle who after a tenuous start as a warm-up act as juggler/acrobat 
(in retrospect, this uncertain beginning set the mood perfectly for what was to follow) is an active and committed ensemble member, as well as playing Bruno, the impresario who will be so important to Piaf’s success. Both actors brim with commitment and energy, whatever they are doing."

- 2013:    - Kölner Stadtanzeiger, press review, Cologne, Germany:

" Maxime Yelle, native of Canada, literally melts into the air while on his ropes hanging from the ceiling, almost as if he were part of a thread game guided by invisible fingers. "


- 2010:    - Spectacle magazine, press review: 
"Finally a young man, Maxime Yelle, brought some variety to the aerial lineup, first of all by being male and secondly by working on a double cloudswing, the double level of loops providing opportunity for some novelty as he moved between them in a series of twists and saltos. He was also the first of the performers to actually smile, which made him even more engaging." 


- 2009:   - The Citizen, press article interview, Ottawa, ON

                 - Bonjour Gatineau, live radio interview, Gatineau, QC

- 2008:   - Flash, televised documentary, Montreal, QC

                 - Radio-Canada, radio interview, Montreal, QC

- 2007:   - CBC, radio interview, Toronto, ON

                 - Good Morning Ottawa, radio interview, Ottawa, ON

                 - The Sun, press article interview, Ottawa, ON

                 - L'Express, press article interview, Orleans, ON

Bursaries and Mentions:

- 2010:    - Raymond-Blais youth bursary, the Desjardins Foundation

- 06-10:  - Student bursary, the National Circus School Foundation

- 2006:   - Bursary for francophone studies, the Ministry of Education of Ontario

Other skills:
- Clown/Character

- Dance (ballet-jazz, contemporary, tap)

- Duo trapeze/Duo straps

- Other aerial apparatuses (trapeze, aerial hoop, aerial tissu, aerial straps)

- Handstands

- German wheel (basic training)  

- Juggling (general; balls, clubs and passing)

- Lunging


- 2011:    - Research and creation workshop diploma, National circus school, Montreal, Qc

- 2010:   - College diploma, specialized circus artist program, National circus school,  Montreal, QC

-06-10:  - Sports injuries classes/workshops, varied, National circus school, Montreal, QC

                 - First Aid, St-John's Ambulance,  Montreal, QC

- 2005:   - High school diploma, Ecole secondaire Beatrice-Desloges, Orleans, ON

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Wet - Peter Samer